Around the World Series | Cross Culture Postpartum Traditions

Over the past few months, we have embarked on a fascinating journey, delving into the postpartum practices of diverse cultures, ranging from India, to Ethiopia, to Japan!

Now, let's retrace our steps and delve deeper into the remarkable commonalities that have emerged, binding these cultures together in their approaches to the postpartum period.


These commonalities cross culturally have formed the pillars on which Elan House of Wellness has been built on.




Many cultures emphasise a period of rest and recovery for the new mother following childbirth. This involves providing support and assistance with daily tasks, allowing the mother to focus on healing and bonding with her newborn.
It is also common to implement boundaries such as spending time in confinement when mothers limit their visitors to their very close family and friends to relieve pressure and stress off the new mama.


Traditional foods, believed to promote healing and enhance milk production, are commonly prepared for the new mother. These may include nourishing soups, herbal teas, and nutrient-rich dishes.

Herbal remedies and preparations are also frequently used in postpartum care. Herbal teas, infusions, and topical applications are believed to aid in recovery, alleviate discomfort, and support overall well-being.


Many cultures have specific rituals and ceremonies to mark the transition into motherhood. These can range from religious or spiritual ceremonies to symbolic gestures celebrating the birth and the new chapter in the mother's life.


Furthermore, the presence of strong social support networks is a common theme across cultures. Extended family members, friends, or community members often come together to assist the new mother with household chores, childcare, and emotional support during the postpartum period.


Empowering new mothers is observed across cultures, where the mother is supported in her recovery, encouraged to rest and heal, and provided with resources and knowledge to confidently navigate motherhood.

To enlighten the mother is another form of Postpartum pillar found in various cultures, where experienced women in the community share wisdom, advice, and teachings with new mothers, helping them gain insight and understanding about their new role and the challenges they may face.


"Postpartum traditions throughout the world share deep commonalities. These commonalities are not a coincidence—they come from postpartum women’s physiologic design.

 Differences that exist in postpartum traditions - are relative to our land-based environments."

Rachelle Garcia Seliga
Director of Innate Postpartum Care

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Physiologic Postpartum Care:

Re-Membering Our Global Postpartum Tradition
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"Physiologic Postpartum Care is the RE-MEMBERING, the “putting back together” of our global postpartum tradition; the unifying tradition that is etched into our blood and bones."

Rachelle Garcia Seliga
Director of Innate Postpartum Care


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