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"Awakening Fertility" empowers women to embark on their journey with confidence, making it an invaluable resource for those entering the transformative phase of pregnancy and motherhood.

A vital companion for women in the preconception stage, offering holistic support for body, mind, and spirit. This book goes beyond physical health, addressing emotional and spiritual aspects of preparing for motherhood. With nearly 50 nutritious recipes, it encourages women to nourish themselves deeply.



These books are essential guides for women during the pregnancy stage.

"Before" offers candid insights into all aspects of pregnancy, from medical terminology to mental health, providing unfiltered guidance with contributions from professionals and personal stories.

On the other hand, "The Birth Space" empowers expectant mothers with comprehensive information about the perinatal journey, highlighting their choices and rights. It covers preparing for pregnancy, understanding the birthing landscape, and offering remedies for common pregnancy issues.



The postpartum stage is a transformative period for mothers, and in this collection, we introduce resources designed to empower and support them during this significant journey. From traditional practices to modern wisdom, these tools provide nourishment, guidance, and emotional support for mothers to navigate the postpartum phase with confidence and grace.

"The First Forty Days" really was what got me dreaming up of Elan. It revives the art of nurturing new mothers during their crucial postpartum period. In today's fast-paced world, it's a lifeline, guiding mothers with nourishing recipes, support advice, and relationship strategies, allowing them to navigate postpartum challenges gracefully.

"Afterwards" is an empathetic companion for first-time mothers, addressing the bewildering aspects of post-birth life, from body changes to emotional ups and downs and the many things often not discussed. It offers reassurance and guidance, reminding mothers that they're not alone in their postpartum journey.

Created after the birth of two of my children alongside a doula, the "Elan Postpartum Planning Workbook" is a guide that helps mothers plan so that they can rejuvenate physically, mentally, and spiritually during the postpartum period. Filled with inspiring imagery and practical tools, it empowers mothers to create their ideal postpartum experience with ease. Sitting in the postpartum category, but really ought to be explored during pregnancy.

"A Village for Mama" offers a practical approach to postpartum support, providing recipes and gift cards to build a network for homemade meal deliveries. It accommodates various dietary needs, making it an empowering resource for modern mothers. The recipe cards are perfect to setting up your own meal train and the recipes are nourishing and delicious.

"Mother's Mind Cleanse" is a calming guide for modern mothers, offering clarity and personal growth tools. In a world filled with parenting pressures, it empowers mothers to navigate motherhood confidently and gracefully. I learnt to meditate from Jac and I love her practical approach to spirituality and found this book approachable and equipped me with techniques to cut through the noise that comes with motherhood.


"Life After Birth" by Jessica Prescott and Vaughne Geary is an essential guide that covers a wide spectrum of motherhood, from self-care and nutritional support to sleep and communication strategies. Included in this book are a number of beautiful recipes for the family.

"Breastfeeding Energetics" by Addison Landry delves into the energetics of breastfeeding, offering a deeper understanding of this essential mother-child connection.

Together, these resources equip mothers with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the challenges and joys of pre-conception, pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding, ensuring a strong foundation for this special journey.


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