Nourish Yourself to Nourish Your Baby

We often neglect our nourishment, especially during the early postpartum days, which are filled with feelings of overwhelm and chaos. A mother’s nutrients don’t only give her the energy to take care of herself and baby but also support breast milk production and aid in recovery post-birth.

It is important to prioritise yourself as the focus is often shifted primarily to the baby in the postpartum period. Whilst it is essential to feed baby, nutrition for the mother is just as important, if not more.

Postpartum depletion, as coined by Dr Oscar Serrallach, can last up to ten years post birth and much of this nutritional depletion is not restored before women then go on to have subsequent children, further compounding the effects of depletion. Maternal nutrition therefore extends beyond the acute postpartum period. Depletion can manifest as fatigue, mood swings, hypervigilance, feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

Mama, if you’re reading this, this is your sign to slow down. Everything doesn't need to be done today. The washing and dishes can wait. Shift your focus to you and baby.

Some practices and habits to add to your daily routine:

  • Practice box breathing - a deep breathing technique that allows one to slow down, calm down your central nervous system, and improve focus and clarity.
  • Consume balanced meals - consisting of a portion of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates.
  • Stay hydrated to aid recovery and keep up with requirements of breastfeeding.

To ‘nourish’ oneself doesn’t simply mean ‘eat enough nutrient-dense food’ - but to also nourish and fuel your physical, mental and social well-being.

Ensure you are respecting your social and personal boundaries are important aspects, especially during this crucial time for you to bond and connect with bub.


At Elan House of Wellness, we provide products that allow mothers and their families to nourish themselves.

  • Elan x The Herborium 28 Day Postpartum Package - curated to support a mother postbirth and support recovery.
  • Ultimate Dry Pantry Range - convenient, pre-packed mixes that allow mamas to whip up a quick nutritious snack
  • Journal Prompts and Daily Affirmation Cards - allow mamas to reflect on their labour, delivery and postpartum journey.

Ultimate Dry Pantry Range

Our range includes a range of dry mixes - Golden Kitchari, Black Rice Chia Pudding, Nepalese Rice Pudding, Buckwheat Pancakes, Dark Chocolate Buckwheat Banana Bread, and Blooming Bites.

Elan x The Herborium 28 Day Postpartum Package

Includes 28 days worth of teas, soups and tonics, two Dry Pantry items of your choice, Postpartum Bath Sitz, Elan Moxa Sticks, and set of Birth Affirmation and Motherhood Inspirational Cards.

Journal Prompts and Daily Affirmations Cards

41 cards - filled with Journal Prompts and Affirmations. Includes wooden stand to display in your home or birthing suite.


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