International Women's Day featuring Wendy Wen, Founder of The Herborium

We’d like to take this opportunity to highlight and share the stories of a few women and mothers who have inspired inclusivity within the postpartum space; featuring Wendy Wen, founder of The Herborium.
Tell me about yourself - a brief overview of your professional journey, business endeavours and your experiences in motherhood.
I'm Wendy and recently became a mama to our 3-month-old bubba, Penelope. I am also the founder of the Herborium, where we simplify and demystify Chinese herbs and their healing benefits for modern living, based on ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles. We are passionate about using TCM herbs as food therapy and teaching its principles to help mamas and families thrive.
I grew up with Chinese herbs for both daily well-being and during illness. My father, a 3rd generation TCM practitioner, is still practicing and loves his job so much he could live in his clinic. In China, he worked in hospitals practicing both Western and Eastern medicine. When he migrated to Australia, he continued his practice in TCM which really shaped our family's views on health and well-being. Throughout my life, I have firsthand experienced the benefits of TCM and have a deep yearning to preserve these traditions as they hold valuable information in teaching us how to Yang Sheng, the art of Chinese self-healing, benefiting everyone in today's modern society.
My background is in physiotherapy. After graduating, I practiced for a few years before joining a biotechnology company as a product manager of a workplace movement sensor technology. In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, with reduced working hours, I used the extra time to start the herborium. It was nerve wracking starting a new venture in such a niche area so I didn’t expect too much to come out of the business. However, fast forward to 2024, and I can't believe we're still here! Operating the herborium revealed a massive calling for support among those going through postpartum, miscarriages, and pregnancy. This led us to pivot our offerings to focus on supporting these individuals.
Motherhood in the last 3 months has been transformative. I feel vulnerable and strong but I credit my powerhouse body to the extensive postpartum preparation during pregnancy and the supportive village surrounding me, for which I am eternally grateful. Despite sleepless nights, overwhelming moments, stretch marks, a belly pouch, and a closet full of clothes that still don't fit, I remind myself not to compare to what I see on social media or other mums. Letting go of what I thought motherhood would be like and riding the waves, being present, and allowing motherhood to transform me has softened me and revealed my strength as a mother. Loving this child has been effortless. And those baby smiles and babbles – OMG, they melt my heart!
My journey to motherhood hasn’t been straight forward. From going through a miscarriage to the journey of conception and ultimately welcoming our bubba into the world, the experience has been profound and unforgettable. To those currently navigating a similar path, know that you are not invisible. I see you. I hear you. There is support available if you reach out; you don't have to face this journey alone.
- How do currently inspire inclusion within your business?
The herborium strives to embrace Chinese culture, heritage, and wisdom. TCM and Chinese food therapy have much to offer, enabling women of all backgrounds to apply these principles to their lifestyles and thrive. As an Asian female business owner, I take pride in supporting women, especially those of colour.
Being a first-generation Australian-born Chinese female, I went through a phase of feeling lost in a cultural gap during childhood. I dampened down the Chinese part of me while trying to navigate societal expectations. I was embarrassed by my 'smelly' Chinese lunches and hated explaining the floaty herbal ingredients in my herbal bone broth soups. Throughout my journey at the herborium, I have reconnected with my culture and ancestral medicine. This has played a significant role in my personal growth and identity. I hope this experience inspires others who feel the same to be proud of their rich culture rather than shy away from it.
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