International Women's Day featuring Liv Brown, Founder of Rattle Style

We’d like to take this opportunity to highlight and share the stories of a few women and mothers who have inspired inclusivity within the postpartum space; featuring Liv Brown, founder of Rattle Style.

Tell me about yourself - a brief overview of your professional journey, business endeavours and your experiences in motherhood.
I am Liv the founder of Rattle Style. I am on a mission to empower mums to rediscover themselves through style. I feel as though I came into motherhood quite naive, when I had my first baby Gussy I had no idea of the emotional rollercoaster that is trimester 4. As amazing as it is I quickly realised how isolating it can be and how vulnerable this time in a mothers life is, I wanted to start something to help mums feel the best they possibly could. I get so much joy from style and dressing in ways that make me happy. I started Rattle to help other mums get that same feeling that getting dressed gives me, and make putting on an outfit each day easy and fun. If it’s the only thing we do for ourself each day it’s a win!
- How do currently inspire inclusion within your business?
As a woman and especially a mum, we are constantly evolving. Our bodies go through so much change both physically and hormonally throughout pregnancy and birth I feel like we are forgotten in mainstream fashion. I try and help other mums find outfits that suit their lifestyle perfectly. Whether they are breastfeeding, baby wearing, or they have simply lost touch with their personal style and feel like they dont know who they are anymore. 
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