Self-care loving mama Bundle
Self-care loving mama Bundle
Self-care loving mama Bundle
Self-care loving mama Bundle
Self-care loving mama Bundle

Self-care loving mama Bundle

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A great pick me up for a mama this Christmas; featuring our favourites: our Elan x Auric Mama mist, our Postpartum Bath Sitz, Mother's Mind Cleanse and newly launched Moxa Sticks. 

What's inside? 

The bundle includes: 

1 x Postpartum Bath Sitz

Essential to Mama's self care routine after giving birth to lil' bubba. This blend is ideal for using in a sitz bath to provide comfort.

1 x Elan x Auric Mama Mist (50ml)

Created to bring calm, grounding and balance to all the mothers or mothers-to-be out there. It is specifically designed with ingredients that are gentle and non-harmful for those undergoing pregnancy.  

1 x Mother's Mind Cleanse

The Mothers Mind Cleanse is a guide for the modern mum.

With philosophy and tools to think with more clarity, to live better, and to feel more fulfilled, the Mothers Mind Cleanse cuts through all the noise and aids in calm and thoughtful ways in which to be a brilliant mother. Parenting has never been easy, and in today’s modern, frenetic world with contrasting opinions and ways to ‘better parent’ colliding, the time for such a guide is now. Author Jacqui Lewis believes we each have the potential to cut through the swathe of guilt, nerves, opinions and turmoil and not only cope day to day but accelerate our own personal growth.

1 x Elan Moxa Sticks 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, moxa is utilized within postpartum care to provide healing benefits for mothers. Moxibustion is a TCM technique that is often used in conjunction with acupuncture. Derived from mugwort leaves, the burning of moxa sticks strengthens the blood, stimulates Qi (or energy), and maintains good health. The heat generated through moxibustion can enter the meridians unblocking any stagnation and allowing energy to flow.

It is common to use smokeless versions of moxa sticks to avoid the dangers of smoke indoors as well as strong odours. This also means that Mother Warming Therapy treatments can be conducted in the comfort of your own home.

Each box includes 2 smokeless moxa sticks with each stick measuring 1.8cm in diameter x 12cm in length.

Suitable during postpartum. 

Bundle is saving: $2.95

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