What's inside your package?

In the 'First Forty Days of Self Care' package we include the following to help you through your first forty days: 

Day Item
Day 1  Mini Journal Prompts and Daily Affirmations Cards
Day 2 Rose Quartz Crystal
Day 3 Nepalese Rice Pudding (Dry Mix)
Day 4 Gold Tea Strainer 
Day 5 Elan x The Herborium Red Dates Tea 
Day 6 Postpartum Bath Sitz
Day 7 Elan Raspberry Leaf Tea
Day 8 Silk Pillowcase
Day 9 Elan x Auric Mama Mist (15ml)
Day 10 Elan Moxa Sticks 
Day 11 Elan 'Meditation' Playlist
Day 12 Postpartum Golden Milk 
Day 13 Woollen Socks
Day 14 Elan x Auric Body Oil (15ml)
Day 15 Rose Quartz Gua Sha
Day 16 Black rice Chia Pudding (Dry Mix)
Day 17 Elan 'For Mama' Playlist
Day 18 Silk Headband 
Day 19 Toiletry Bag 
Day 20 Elan Chrysanthemum Tea
Day 21 Silk eye mask
Day 22 Elan x The Herborium Red Dates
Day 23 Elan x Auric Heart Mist (15ml)
Day 24 Elan Chamomile Tea 
Day 25 My-go-to Face Sheet Mask
Day 26 Lymphatic brush
Day 27 Hand cream 
Day 28 Sage
Day 29 Hair Clip 
Day 30 Elan x The Herborium Restore Herbal Soup
Day 31 Silk Scrunchie
Day 32 Elan x Matrescence Podcast 
Day 33 Elan x Auric Rose Mist (15ml)
Day 34 30ml Mum's Glow Face Cream
Day 35 Soy Body Candle
Day 36 Rose Quartz Facial Roller
Day 37 Elan Linen Tote bag 
Day 38 Acrylic photo frame (10x15cm)
Day 39 Elan x The Herborium Lactation Soup
Day 40 $20 Retail voucher min spend $100*