Dragon Babies and Preconception Planning

Many Chinese families aim to have a baby in the year of the Dragon as this zodiac represents good luck, strength, and good health. The Dragon is the only mythical animal in the zodiac and China reports higher birth rates compared to other years. Children born in the year of the Dragon are known for their strong personalities and leadership skills. Compared to the other Chinese zodiac animals, the year of the Dragon is highly sought after due to the many qualities of a 'dragon baby' .
I remember when I got married in the year of the rabbit (the zodiac before the dragon) everyone was expecting that we were getting married that year to have a dragon baby. Much to my in law's disappointment, we decided to wait a few years to travel and start our business. But if you are planning to have a Dragon Baby, this is a reminder that pre-conception starts several months before actively trying to conceive.
Based on TCM principles, it is recommended that a minimum of 3 months be spent preparing the body for conception. The reason for this is because the quality of egg and sperm reflects the health of the body for the last 90-120 days. Many aspects of life from stress, sleep, nutrition, medication can affect fertility and the health of the embryo so it is advisable that if you are thinking of conceiving in the new year, consider investing your energy and effort into your health and wellbeing now.
Many parents hope their child has the many qualities of a 'dragon baby', and wish to deliver a baby within a Year of Dragon. If you are planning to deliver a baby in the year of the dragon, you may be tight on time, but here are some preconception planning factors to consider.
  • Book an appointment with your local GP - communicate with your doctor about your plans of having a baby. This will give you and your significant other a chance to raise any concerns of questions.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet - consuming wholefoods, coupled with carbs, healthy fats, and proteins will ensure your body will have enough nutrients to carry a baby
  • Adjusting unhealthy habits - smoking, consuming alcohol, unhealthy sleep schedules can affect your fertility journey.
Here are a few of Elan Bestsellers that we recommend for you take on your fertility journey:
Elan x The Herborium Red Dates Tea
    • Based on TCM principles, it is believed that Red Dates will nourish the blood and Qi. Red Dates contain a powerful ingredient 'polysaccharide Zizyphus-pectin A' - the ultimate powerhouse to a healthy reproductive system for men and women. When women consume Red Dates, Red Dates will support their overall immune system, boost fertility, and assist iron levels. When men consume Red Dates, Red Dates may increase sperm quality and count.

Elan Moxa Sticks
    • Mother Warming Therapy is used widely in TCM to support blood flow within the body and unblock any stagnation. Within Chinese Medicine, it is important to keep ones body warm to protect it from the cool meridians of the body. For example, it is strongly recommended to keep your feet warm and covered during Postpartum. Hence, using the Moxa Sticks to warm the uterus comes to no surprise. Having a warm uterus will support blood flow, and encourage fertilisation of ovaries.

Golden Kitchari (Dry Mix)
    • Dahl is a nutritious meal that promotes healthy gut care. Filled with galactagogues, the dish provides a great source source of fibre, protein and healthy carbohydrates.
Planning for pregnancy is as important as planning for ones postpartum care.
Please consult with a health care professional for personalised advice.

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